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Dan Linstedt February 23, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions For LearnDataVault.com - Training

Q: What if I see a TIME-OUT, or the video won't play?

A: Most likely, you need to log back in, as your session may have expired.

Q: Is your site Apple iPad, and iPod, mobile compatible?

A: Yes.  Our site is fully mobile enabled, but only for HD devices capable of 720p playback (16:9).  However, most courses, the screen content is too small to read on these mobile devices.  It is best if you playback on a larger monitor, especially with the technical courses that have Hands-on or show screen shots.

Q: On other laptops and machines do you *require* flash?

A: No.  We do not use Flash in any way, for any reason - UNLESS one of our instructors uploads a SCORM learning object with flash embedded.  If this happens, the description of the course will be labeled as containing flash.  However, for most of our material, flash is not used.

Q: Do you support HTML5 & JavaScript?

A: Yes, in fact our videos will play on iPad HD  (HIGH DEF) or iPod HD with HTML5 & JavaScript enabled, so please enable them to use our on-line training on your mobile devices.  For Laptops or larger machines, HTML5 and Javascript are required.

Q: Can I pause the video & restart them later?  Will it remember where I stopped the video?

A: Yes, you can pause it - and you can return later, but it will not remember where you stopped the video.

Q: Are videos downloaded to my browser cache?

A: Marketing videos and course preview videos are downloaded.  Course Preview videos are played back using progressive streaming.  However, once inside the class material, the videos are streamed in real-time using RTMPE protocol, so the class videos will not eat up your browser cache, or disk space.

Q: Do you answer questions? and where should I post them?

A: Yes.  Each instructor is notified for each class, when a student posts a question or comment.  The instructor of the course is responsible for answering the student questions.  If you do not receive a response from an instructor within 24 hours, please file a help-desk ticket.  Provide the COURSE NAME so we can look up the question and comment, and get in touch with the instructor directly.  You should post the comment or question directly under the lesson in the COMMENTS section.  Please include the LESSON NAME in the comment, because the comments are course-based, not lesson based - so we know which lesson you are referring to.

Q: Is the Data Vault Implementation material similar to certification class?

A: Not all of it. The base class - the first class / fundamentals class - is about 5% overlap with new materials around technical issues - including SQL, sourcing, and targeting and other implementation elements.  Other classes will be 100% unique - and not found in certification at all, as certification is highly focused on Data Modeling only.

There is a new class being planned for release called the DV2 Boot Camp class, this class will be everything you need (and will become a per-requisite) to taking the certification class.  The Data Vault 2.0 Certification class has evolved and now teaches advanced topics needed for Certified Data Vault Practitioner.

Q: What If I need an Invoice?

A: We are happy to provide one, but we need from you:  The company name, The person to send it to, the Company Address (FULL address), and the company phone number,  we also need: your PayPal Transaction ID, and the amount you paid.